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How To Start A Beauty/Massage Therapy Business

For those who are new to the industry, or who just want to brush up on a few new skills, you are in the right place, as the beauty and massage therapy industry is a stable profession with a constant demand for services. Even with the recession, people like to take care of themselves, so our industry has remained strong and healthy.


Many clients prefer to have services provided in their own home, so this is not just a business where you are stuck having to try to find a job or hire a room. You can go mobile to test the waters or convert a room in your home to give a more professional service to your clients. 

If you stay open to all options, you can provide services in a business premises by renting a room for some days and offer a mobile service for a couple of others, which is especially helpful for older or infirm clients who might not make it to a salon, but who would still benefit from and would like to have services provided for them.

Product Sales

Many clients look at the products in salons and then go and buy them online, where they do not have premises costs, and can bulk buy cheaper.  Keep your investment in products low, until you are sure there is a demand for them.  It is very tempting to go for a rep sales pitch, who wants thousands up front for starter packs, but starting off a business in debt might not be the way to go, if you are unsure of your market and whether the clients you draw will purchase them.

Website Promotion

We almost all know that we do need a website presence for the best outcome for our businesses, but they are not always easy to do, and if you approach a specialist, they can cost a fortune. 

There are free options, such as WordPress and Google, which are great to get started off, and allow you to get a foothold on the world-wide web with a little work and attention.   With a little investment and research, you can also self-host your own website for a few pounds a year by buying a domain name and a hosting package around £25 a year.


Beauty therapy courses are a great way to get started, and a foothold in the industry.  As well as being qualified in the area you have studied, you can choose to increase your skills as your business grows. We have a range of courses at Serenity Spa Training School which allow you to practice a variety of treatments and services within the industry on the public.


When you are qualified, you will need insurance to practice.  You require public and product liability to protect yourself and your products and equipment.  In the rare event that a salon has a flood, fire, or damage, you can go out of business if your stock and equipment are all lost, and you cannot afford to replace them.


If you work mobile, you limit your costs to training, insurance and products to deliver your services, but you are highly likely to need a method of transport, you might incur parking charges, and your equipment needs to be light enough for you to move around.

If you rent a room, you must consider the rent cost and where you keep your products and materials to work with.  There may be other charges such as electric, internet and telephone, or possibly even a share of a receptionist if one is available.

It’s very tempting in the beginning, to try to buy everything at once, before you’ve even had one client.  Set a budget to control your spending and try to keep within your budget.

Getting Customers

It is good to have an idea of who your customers will be, what they are likely to buy, and what you can afford to provide for them.  Be careful with offers and deals, as although they might attract clients initially, those clients may just hop from one business to another, depending on who has the best deal on at the time. 

Look for where your customers might be, whether it is through a website, social media, newspapers or local magazines.

Taking The Plunge!

You will never know until you try, right?  Once you are qualified, you have a new long-term skill, that you can pick up at any time. Starting a new business is a scary prospect for everyone, but many people do that every day.